Welcome to the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Xinhua College of Sun Yat-sen University.


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  Established in 2005 as one of the first academic departments in Xinhua College of Sun Yat-sen University, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature has developed into the School of Foreign Languages to meet the increasing demands for foreign language talents. Based on the long-standing academic reputation of Sun Yat-sen University, the SFL now stands at the forefront of foreign language studies in southern China.

  The SFL offers 3 four-year undergraduate degree programs, B.A. English (Translation and Interpreting), B.A. Business English, and B.A. Spanish, and the College English Division provides English education to non-English majors across the Xinhua College. More than 2000 undergraduate students are enrolled in our programs.

  The SFL has approximately 100 faculty members, including 10 full professors, 10 associate professors and 6 foreign experts, and the remainders are young graduates from prestigious universities at home and abroad. Guest professors in the school are renowned experts from multiple fields.

  B.A. English (Translation and Interpreting) 

  The English (Translation and Interpreting) program commits itself to nurturing quality professionals in translation and interpreting, catering to the needs of China’s economic and social development. The courses of this program foreground bilingual proficiency, competitive communication skills as well as knowledge and expertise for translation and interpreting. This program takes pride in a dedicated faculty with rich experiences in translation and interpreting. With a well-equipped state-of-the-art Simultaneous Interpreting Lab and a variety of partnered Internship Bases, we offer students an authentic environment to hone hands-on skills in practice. The third year electives of this program are shared with the sister degree, B.A. Business English, to provide students with knowledge of English used in the business world.

  B.A. Business English 

  Headed by a team of vibrant Business English teachers with real-world experiences, the Business English program is designed to meet the needs of modern business in the era of globalization. Forerun as B.A. English (Economics and Trade module) since 2005, this program has witnessed a significant upgrade. The Business English Lab was newly established to involve students in business activities in a simulated environment.  Students of this program are expected to have a good understanding of the uses of English in the context of international trade and cross-border E-commerce, as well as the analytical abilities welcomed by potential employers with global aspirations.

 B.A. Spanish 

  The Spanish program serves the growing demands of Sino-European and Sino-Latin American trade. This program boasts of a faculty with all members having international education backgrounds; students can enjoy numerous hours with foreign experts. Academic exchange programs with leading universities in Spain are available.

 Career Prospect 

  The degree programs are gateways to many careers, preparing students for employments in a vast range of areas, such as translation and interpreting, teaching, business and finance, internet and e-commerce,government and public institutions.

Dr.Liao Yiqing

Dean of the School of Foreign Languages